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Lap-seal PE Film

  • Category:Printable PE film
  • Introduction:Introduction:Lap-seal PE film is mostly used in daily necessities and tissue packaging. It provides sealability with surface print and gussets, which allow high flexibility on printing design with the same film width.
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●  Technology: 3-layer blown film

●  Color: Transparent / Milky

●  Width: ≤2100 mm

●  Thickness: 25~180μm

●  Quality Standard: GBT4456-2008, GB9685-2008, FDA, RoHS, REACH

●  Excellent sealability with surface treatment (Corona)

●  Good printability

●  Stable heat seal strength to prevent loose packs

●  Applied to medicine and daily necessities individual packaging.

5 advantages of Hualo Packing


Imported advanced film blown machines 

Imported on-line measurement system

Silo Feed System

Advanced test instruments


R&D center cooperated with scientific research institution and famous college

Chief Technology officer from Japan

Professional R&D team of 15 engineers, 200 skilled workers

Abundant product formulations


Self-owned 200,000 ㎡ industrial park

Dust and fumes filtrated workshop

5000 ㎡ GMP dust free workshop

Air shower and Noise Processing System


ISO9001:2008 AND QS system

Strong internal management control system

Products comply with the limits as set by FDA, RoHS and REACH


25 years’ experience in PE film industry

Professional team both in trade and after service

Regular interaction and quick feedback on questions

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