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VOCs governance storm sweeps across the country How do printing and packaging companies survive?

Recently, after fifteen provinces including Beijing, Shanghai, and Jiangsu provinces levied sewage charges for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Jiangxi Province became the 16th official release document in the country to inform the pilot provinces (including municipalities) that levy VOCs sewage charges. ,

It will be implemented from November 1, 2016.

Among them, packaging printing because of the high absolute emissions of VOCs

Was included in the key pollution industry.


"My printing plant has a production value of 100 million yuan a year. If VOCs are not treated, and the annual VOCs emissions are at least 800 tons, the sewage charges that need to be paid up to 800 tons × 40,000 yuan / ton = 32 million yuan. For our small business, it is undoubtedly a huge sum!"

A printing company owner said after calculating the VOCs emission fee for the printing and packaging industry.


VOCS governance storm swept across the country

Packaging and printing profits are low, and sewage charges are also levied

How should companies survive?

Don't worry, this article will discuss this topic with you.

Bring useful enlightenment to more packaging printers.


"First, what are the hazards of VOCs?"

Medical research has confirmed that pregnant women living in VOCs polluted the environment, the probability of fetal malformation is much higher than ordinary people, at the same time, volatile organic compounds in indoor air are important for children's nervous system, blood system, children's acquired diseases. the reason.

2. What is the basis for VOCs emission charges?"

VOCs governance is based on the total amount of VOCs emissions calculated, assuming 1 ton of VOCs governance costs of 10,000 yuan, if the enterprise does not manage, it will cost 15,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan, the most serious even to stop production remediation!

The cost per ton of treatment in the packaging and printing industry is 26,200 yuan, which is the cost required to achieve a very strict and complete governance.


This means that it is imperative to speed up the reduction of VOCs in the packaging, printing, and adhesive industries.


"Three, what is behind the scenes that lead to VOCs emissions?"

The behind-the-scenes black-handed VOCs are volatilized by solvent-based inks, and the VOCs in the gravure and composite processes are the largest. The VOCs and emission methods of different printing processes are basically the same.

In addition to technical factors, the cost factor of VOCs governance cannot be ignored. It is necessary to invest millions or even tens of millions to purchase VOCs management facilities.

And no matter which VOCs are used, the energy required for the daily operation of the facility is a large expenditure.

What should I do at this time?

When VOCs emission control is in progress, there are also governance methods!


"Four, crack the problem of VOCs pollution"

The soldier who shoulders the mission of environmental protection - "SPE film" is coming

Jiangmen Hualong Packaging, under the research and development team led by Japanese expert Mr. Sato, is a PE film that can solve the three problems of high cost, complex structure and VOCs pollution. It is the SPE film.




The traditional rice bag packaging structure can be two, three layers (PET / NY / PE), two layers (NY / PE).

As can be seen from the above figure, the innovative SPE film has a single-layer structure that reduces the composite layer.

It is easy to reduce the VOCs pollution caused by 60% dry composite solvent.



The packaging and printing industry needs to be developed, but the environment also needs to be protected. Enterprises should not only limit the end-of-pipe treatment, but also focus on source management.

Work to be good

Must first sharpen its device


Choose Hualong SPE

Is to choose environmental protection

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