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Hualong film utility model patent - corona device for film blowing machine

Patent name: Corona device for film blowing machine

TECHNICAL FIELD: The present invention relates to a film blowing machine, and more particularly to a corona device for use on a film blowing machine.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION At present, the blown film machine has a device called a corona device, which functions to generate an electric spark, and corona treats the front film semi-finished product after forming, and the corona-treated film can be used in it. Surface silkscreen text content.  However, the control part of the corona device has its own protection function. When the overload is overheated, it will automatically power off, or other factors will cause the current value to be too low, causing the corona treatment to be abnormal.  Since the film is corona-treated and can't be recognized by the naked eye, it is often used by customers to find a film containing a small number of defective products that cannot be screen printed. Therefore, the whole roll must be returned and reworked.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION: In view of the deficiencies of the above existing corona devices, the object of the present invention is to provide an alarm device for a corona machine, which solves the problem that corona electromechanical treatment is not normal and cannot be found in time.  The purpose of the utility model is to add an alarm device to the corona machine by adopting the following technical solutions. The alarm device is provided with three kinds of signal lamps, and can set the current lower limit value, lower than the current lower limit value or unplanned shutdown. When the red signal light is triggered, the operator makes a mark, puts the bad mark on the machine and puts it on the independent corona device for further processing; the yellow signal is on during normal standby; the green signal is on during normal operation.  The utility model has the beneficial effects that compared with the prior art, when the corona electromechanical treatment is abnormal, an alarm will be issued, and the operator can mark the film of the corona treatment abnormality in time, and put the badly labeled film off the machine. Re-processing with an independent corona device avoids the rework of the customer's entire rollback product rework.

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