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Functional PE film for medium - resistant flexible packaging escort - hualong film

In the golden autumn season, the plastic color printing and packaging practical technology (Xiamen) learning exchange meeting will come as scheduled.  Flexible packaging elites from all over the country gathered to share industry information and exchange technical insights.  As a well-known professional manufacturer of PE functional film in China, Jiangmen Hualong Packaging brings advanced technology of PE functional film such as easy-release film, easy tear film, boiled quench film and cold stretch sleeve film to bring you a rich soft-packed seafood. Feast:

Easy to uncover the film - taste delicious, just a touch;

Easy to tear film - passion moment, just tear it away;

Boiled quench film - fresh and delicious, locked in minutes;

Cold stretch sleeve film - traditional carton "terminator";


Although soft packaging is soft, the technology is hard.  PE functional film is the key material that can make soft packaging "hard".

Not much to say, go straight to the venue to go.






As a pioneer in the industry innovation, Hualong Packaging has been cooperating with well-known enterprises such as Shenzhen Yifu, Guangzhou Yongxin, Jiangmen Xiangli, Foshan Jishun, Zhongshan Zhongcai, Zhongshan Tiancai and Guangzhou Aisor since its establishment in 1990. Committed to providing customers with a variety of PE composite film solutions.

【main products】PE composite filmPE protective filmPE film, lithium battery separators, etc.  Flexible packaging solutions can be customized according to customer needs.

[Scope of application] Packaging for food, medicine, electronics, industry, and daily chemicals.


As a high-tech private enterprise that has been specialized in producing PE film for 28 years, Hualong Packaging has been focusing on R&D and manufacturing of high-quality film. The products are mainly PE blown film, including PE composite film, PE surface film, PE protective film, Lithium battery separator and various functional PE films, with an annual output of 36,000 tons, are among the top in the industry in terms of quality and scale, and are trusted by domestic and foreign customers.


Founded in 1990, Hualo PE Film is a professional manufacturer of Polyethylene film, Transparent PE Film, laminating PE Film.Contact us    

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