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Common barrier materials in soft packaging industry

In the past 10 years, the variety of plastic packaging materials in China has been increasing, and the annual output rate of packaging materials has increased by more than 10%. It is estimated that the plastic packaging market in the 21st century will increase by 7%-9%.  The plastic used for flexible packaging is mainly polyethylene, which accounts for 80% of the plastics used in the flexible packaging market; HDPE accounts for the largest share of the plastic rigid packaging market, accounting for 45% of the hard-packing resin, and has maintained a year of about 7.3% in recent years. The average growth rate; the polymer having an oxygen transmission rate of less than 3.8 is called a barrier polymer.  The high-barrier plastic material has the characteristics of oxygen barrier, water vapor resistance, oil resistance and transparency, which can effectively maintain the original taste and odor of the food in the container and the package, prevent deterioration of the quality, prolong the shelf life and shelf life of the food; When the same amount of food is used, the barrier plastic can also reduce the amount of plastic used, and can even be reused, which is environmentally friendly.  In the international food packaging industry, the application of barrier plastics in packaging is increasingly emphasized.  The consumption of barrier plastic packaging in the United States increased from 1.04 million tons in 1995 to 1.99 million tons in 2000, an annual increase of 13.6%. However, the development of barrier plastic packaging materials in China is still in its infancy.

At present, industrially available barrier plastic packaging materials mainly include EVOH, nitrile-based resins, PVDC and PEN.  Various plastics can further enhance the barrier properties by blending, surface plating, surface coating, multi-layer composite, and stretching orientation according to specific conditions.



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