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How long does the package open, you will know at a glance!

August 28~29, "2014 Active Packaging and Smart Packaging Innovation Technology Seminar and Guangdong" jointly organized by the Guangdong Packaging Technology Association Intelligence Committee, the Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Federation (Headquarters Netherlands) and the British Processing and Packaging Machinery Association The annual meeting of the Provincial Baoxie Intelligence Committee was successfully held at the Crowne Plaza Guangzhou Jade.  Pete Higgins, the inventor of the UWI label, brought a magical label at the meeting: it can be activated when the package is opened, changing color over time, reminding consumers to eat food in time, avoiding Food waste.


The UWI label on the left has no color. It is the state when the supermarket is sold. When the package is opened, the UWI label is activated, and then the color changes with time. When the bottom red color appears, the food is no longer edible.


UMI label with week time period


The color on the label changes over time, and the time period can be set to minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months, which is set according to the usage period set by the manufacturer.  When the package is opened, the UMI tag is automatically activated.  When the conspicuous red color on the label appears, the consumer is clearly reminded that the food cannot be re-food.


Manufacturers usually mark on the package: How long to eat as soon as possible after opening.  But in our daily life, we sometimes don't remember when we opened the package, or other members of the family opened the package.  Since it is impossible to know when the package is open, it is impossible to determine if the food is still edible.  This also caused some foods to be eaten clearly, but it was wasted because of consumer concerns.  If you use the UWI tag, even if you don't know when you have opened the package, you can see if the food is still edible by looking at the UWI tag, thus avoiding unnecessary food waste.


The simple color block marks, no language barrier, no need to read, just look at the color of the label.  In addition to applications in the food sector, UMI labels can be used in more time and temperature sensitive industries to avoid errors and save costs.


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